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A tiny (~700 byte gzip) WAI-ARIA compliant Floating Action Button for React


npm install react-tiny-fab
yarn add react-tiny-fab

react-tiny-fab v3 and up now relies on React version 16.8 and up because it is implemented using React Hooks


There are two components available for import - Fab and Action. You import them like this:

import { Fab, Action } from 'react-tiny-fab';
import 'react-tiny-fab/dist/styles.css';


Check the bottom right of the screen

Here is an example of how you would use the components:

// The Fab is the main button. Pass any component to the icon prop and choose
// either click or hover for the event (default is hover)
icon={<MdAdd />}
// The Action components are the "buttons" that appear when the Fab is open. You can use the out-of-the-box Action
// component or you can use a custom component of any type and style it any way that you'd like. The "text" prop
// is the popup label that appears when the Action component is hovered.
<i className="fa fa-help" />
// Using a custom component for this one. See another example in "example/src/index.js"
<i className="fa fa-foo-bar-fa-foo" />


<Fab />

This is the main component that controls the Floating Action Button.


mainButtonStylesReact.CSSPropertiesfalseThis object is passed to the main button's style prop so use React styles to style the button.
styleReact.CSSProperties{ bottom: 24, right: 24 }falseHow do you want to style the FAB, specifically the position of the FAB? Use top, left, bottom, right properties to declare where you want the FAB to be positioned as well as any other styles.
iconReact Element/ComponenttrueThis element/component will be the used as the icon for the main button. This can be text, or a Font Awesome icon, or any other component.
childrenReact Element/ComponentfalseThis is the children that will be mapped and rendered. This can be anything. There can be up to 6, but no more than 6. An Action component is provided out of the box.
alwaysShowTitlebooleanfalsefalseIf the title of the Action component should always be shown (not just on hover), set this to true and the title will always be shown
onClickfunctionnullfalseIf you only need to use the main button for something, then you can attach an onClick handler to the main button. The React Synthetic Event will be passed in just like a normal onClick
textstringnullfalseIf you attach an onClick handler to the main button, then the original Action components would not show. Instead you can attach text to display while user hover the FAB
...propsAnythingfalseAnything you can add to a React component, you can add here.

Based on the position prop, the FAB will figure out the direction of the <Action /> text and also which way to expand when hovered/clicked (up or down).

<Action />

This component represents the smaller buttons that appear when the main button is hovered/clicked. Now, you do not have to use this component. You can use your own custom component(s) and create something totally different than a Floating Action Button. For instance, you could create your own "Support Button" that when clicked, will display a chat box or some type of form that submits a contact request.


textstring""falseThis is the text that will be displayed when one of the actions is hovered.
childrenReact Element/ComponentfalseThis will be the icon/text for the action.
...propsAnythingfalseAnything you can add to a React component, you can add here, e.g. (onClick, style, etc.)


Check out the index.html file in the example folder for an example of the traditional FAB and also a form pop-up that could be used to send contact information, or something else.


If you find a bug, submit an issue with enough information to reproduce the bug. If you have a fix, please do not hesitate to submit a PR. If you feel that the API needs to be modified, open an issue so that we can discuss it first.

Running the dev environment

  1. Clone the repo - git clone && cd react-tiny-fab
  2. Install the dependencies - npm i
  3. Run the example - npm start Visit http://localhost:5000

Once you get that going, you should be able to make changes and the page should refresh automatically when those changes are saved.


This package is only one JS file and it is tested pretty good. Make sure that none of the tests are breaking if changes are made. Also, if you add new functionality and it warrants testing, please add tests. If you need help with this, I will gladly help.


If you find an issue, head over to the Issues section and let me know about it. If you want to be super cool, you can submit a PR that fixes the issue.

License (MIT)

Check it out here.